About Us

Ken’s Hatchery & Fish Farm offers fish and frog pond management services and products like water tests, algae tests, disease and lab videotestwork, aquatic pest control, onsite inspections, pond evaluations, feeders, cages, education, and training. With a wide variety of hatchery fish and their famous Georgia Giants, Ken’s provides a unique opportunity to both stock your pond or hatchery and receive very useful assistance from the company before or after your purchase.

Ken’s is all about customer satisfaction and providing complete solutions. While we don’t take responsibility for fish after they’re placed in your cages or tanks, we do offer a fantastic guarantee on our live products.
Ken’s Guarantee

If we deliver, we guarantee that 90% of the fish will still be alive on arrival. On the other hand, if you pick up an order at the hatchery, we guarantee that all of the fish will leave in good condition (though we can’t say the same once transported). Finally, even if an order is shipped via UPS or FedEx, we guarantee that 85% will arrive alive. We’ll replace your order once.

Warranty Information

The customer is responsible for freight and container on replacement orders; we only replace the fish themselves! We require an authorized signature for UPS or FedEx orders. We also need a signature on the shipping agreement before shipping overnight.

If any fish arrive distressed or dead, take photos of the dead fish in their container(s). No proof means no warranty, and this has to be done in 24 hours. We don’t warranty or replace fish once in cages or tanks. Returned goods won’t be accepted unless we provide you with specific, written permission. No returns after 30 days. There’s a 10% restocking fee and the return freight must be paid by the customer.

Both guarantee and warranty will be null and void if we aren’t notified of loss upon arrival at destination. There are no cash refunds. We’ll replace the original order only once. We replace fish only and the customer is responsible for freight and container cost.

We aren’t responsible for equipment misuse, and fish are the customer’s responsibility once placed in your pond. We don’t pack fish between 11:45AM and 1:15PM.