The Business of Fish Farming

Fish farming is a commercial business which involves the breeding of fish in tanks to sell and transport to many consumers. These fishes go through a long process before as they are passed from country to country before ending up on your dinner table. The main fish species that are reared for food include carp, tilapia, catfish and salmon.

Transport of Live Fish

In fish farming, many methods are adopted to rear the fish. Some methods include:

  • The cage system

This involves setting up cages in lakes and ponds where these fish are confined. The fishes are fed using fish meal so that they do not get starved and die.The main concern about this method is the close proximity of these fishes to other wild fishes in the water. The tendency for the confined fishes to escape and join the wild population is high.

  • The Integrated recycling system

This involves keeping fish in plastic water tanks in a greenhouse and using the waste from the fish to irrigate the plants nearby.

  • Pond system

The fish that are reared using this system are not only kept for food, but the waste from the fish is used to fertilize the farmer’s farms. This system could be done on a large or small scale. On a larger scale, the pond becomes an ecosystem on its own providing the fish with nutrients such as algae growing by itself. A smaller scale fish pond requires that the fishes are fed artificially.

Transport of Live Fish

How Live Fish is Transported

Fish are delicate creatures, therefore transporting them between farms or even to the retailers that make them available for consumption is a systematic process that requires a lot of planning.

There are 2 systems of transport that are used when carrying fish from one destination to another. They are:

  1. The closed system
  2. The open system

In the closed system, these seedlings are carried in polythene bags with a limited amount of water. The oxygen pressure reduces the weight of these bags for traveling and the fish is preserved for 48 hours. This is an economical mode of transportation.

The open system is usually used for larger fish that are to be transported in greater quantities. They are kept in large open water trucks and can only be transported over a short distance.

 After being bred in the fish farms, fish do not immediately become available to consumers. Large supermarkets and business entities buy these fish wholesale, using the preferred method of credit cards or cash, and sometimes even package them as the end product. The fish is transported to them live, but based on the use at the end of the day, they could either be killed and frozen or be kept live. Once fish are delivered to the supermarkets, they are put on display to be bought by clients like you and me, who are totally unaware of the entire preceding process. The fish simply becomes a hearty meal to be enjoyed by friends and family.  

Transport of Live Fish

  Fish farming and processing, sale and delivery is always an underemphasized form of business that is usually not celebrated. It is important to have a glimpse, however small in what goes on in the world of fish farming. If you are looking for a business to try, fish farming might just be for you!