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115 Volt – Item # A115R Pond Aerator

230 Volt – Item # A230R Pond Aerator

For the most economical performance, use a 230-volt AQUARIUS™ 1 AERATOR

Inadequate concentration of dissolved oxygen has long been recognized as a limiting factor in intensive fish production; thus the physical, chemical and biological regulating of dissolved oxygen in a pond is of paramount importance to the fish culturist. The solubility of oxygen, or the water’s carry capacity of oxygen, decreases as the temperature increases.

Dissolved oxygen is removed from the water by respiration of fish, by benthic (aquatic) organisms and by respiration of plankton (phytoplankton included). The plankton are microscopic plants that live in the water. They go through the process of photosynthesis, thus taking energy from the sun and nutrients from the water; they absorb carbon dioxide from the water and give off oxygen during daylight hours.

When these plants (plankton) become so thick the sun’s rays cannot penetrate deeply enough into the water, the lower layers of plankton begin to die from lack of sunlight. At this point the water usually changes from a greenish to a brownish or grayish color; and the decaying process begins to use up oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Sometimes a scum will form on the water’s surface.

Fish are more susceptible to disease and parasites when they have been subjected to an oxygen stress period. They do not feed or grow as well when oxygen stays at a low level of three or four ppm for a prolonged length of time.

Five to eight lbs. per acre foot of Potassium Permanganate can be added to oxidize the dead and decaying organic matter. This can be repeated whenever necessary.


Adjustable-Bracket-Aquarius-Aerator_copySPECIAL FEATURES
OF THE AQUARIUS™ 1:Pond Aerator

1/2 Horse Power Rating. Fifty foot cord included, additional length available. Energy cost for 24 hours at 6.5 cents/kwh is 75 cents (based on 115 volts). Oxygen Transfer Rate in Ponds for 24 hours is 38 lbs. One year pro-rated warranty. Propeller warranty 30 days only. Oil filled, oil lubricated (1/2 hp.) motor. Aerates bottom or Sub-Surface water draw. Pumping Rate for 24 hrs. – 1/2 million gallons.

Specially designed patented propeller that breaks up particles of water to release ammonia and other gases into the atmosphere and charge the water with life-saving oxygen.

Almost everyone starting to grow fish thinks a pump will put oxygen in the water. Do not make this mistake! A pump or sprinkler does not beat, chop, foam and move water fast enough. Each year we have thousands of people lose their fish because of using a water pump or sprinkler system.

The AQUARIUS™ 1 Aerator is the very best on the market for the money!

Two propellers available:
STANDARD – For aeration
NON-FREEZE – For preventing Ponds from Completely Freezing Over

Grow 5,000 lbs. of fish per acre with an aerator
Fish can live for months without feed and under adverse condition, but only minutes without oxygen.
It is better to own an aerator and never use it than to need an aerator just once and not have it.

Adjustable Bracket and Motor Casing for AQUARIUS™ 1 AERATOR

This adjustable bracket and motor casing makes your aerator perform better, last longer and reduces energy costs. These new brackets may be installed in any of the older model aerators.

Adjustment can now be done in a minute, while old ways of adjusting took 30 minutes to one hour or more.

New Designed Float

Now available with a Rhino-coated float. This should eliminate the problem with ducks and turtles chewing on the float.