Purple Martin Condominiums

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Every pond, garden, yard, orchard, farm, lumber yard, zoo or any recreational area needs Purple Martins to control insects and birds.

The Purple Martin is the largest and most beautiful bird of the swallow family. The Purple Martin is clean, graceful in flight and sings beautifully.

The whole diet of the Purple Martin can be fully covered by one word – INSECTS! As they feed entirely on insects, they are an excellent means of natural insect control. They will eat flies; wasps; stink bugs; tree hoppers; negro bugs; May, ground, dung, cotton boll and clover weevil beetles; moths; butterflies; dragonflies; and other bugs. They feed heavily on mosquitoes. A single Martin consumes from 2,000 to 12,000 mosquitoes and/or flies each day. For this reason, it is the most valuable bird in the world.

The Purple Martin will help control insects around yards, gardens, patios, orchards, swimming pools, etc. They are also helpful in controlling wasps around homes, farm buildings, lumber yards, businesses or any building; also around Catalpa trees as the wasps will eat the worms.

Purple Martins will help keep pond birds away from your pond, thus eliminating loss of baby fish. Purple Martin are great for farms as they will chase hawks away from chickens, crows away from crops and free livestock from being bothered by insects.

Since Martins like their nests in open areas, it is best to place their homes in the most open location available. A pond or other body of water in the immediate vicinity will also make the area more attractive to Martins.

Our Purple Martin Condominiums provide deluxe housing for Martin families and are available in three sizes: 12 family units, 24 family units and 36 family units.

Purple-Martin-Condominium-inside-view_copyCondominiums are constructed of durable  synthetic materials that discourage parasites and are virtually maintenance free. They are cool and ventilated as the material reflects heat; doesn’t absorb heat like metal or aluminum.  The attractive, lightweight construction allows easy raising and lowering of each condominium.  Designed to encourage the Purple Martin to return year after year.  Economically priced.   Easy to clean.

How do you attract Purple Martins? Provide adequate housing in a good location and they will come. Families will not divide if there is not enough housing. Purple Martin Condominiums should be put up in January or February before scouts are sent to find housing.

Eliminate insects Nature’s Way, thus eliminate harmful pesticides and insecticides in the atmosphere.