Snake Gaurd®

Item # SNAKEG    Patent No. 4301996

Snake Guard® catches all varieties of snakes.

Any snake that tries to cross the SNAKE GUARD®  becomes entangled and cannot get free. Harmful, poisonous snakes may be left to die. Non-poisonous, harmless snakes can be released unharmed.

SNAKE GUARD® is inexpensive to use, lasts for years, is not harmful in any way to humans, pets or wildlife.

Efficiently and effectively, it works automatically 24 hours per day.

Simple, easy and quick to install. Comes complete and ready for installation.

Install SNAKE GUARD® around your camping area and forget about snakes invading your camp.

Install it around your home and your yard and let your children and pets play without the constant fear of snakes.

Protect your pets, animals or livestock. Install SNAKE GUARD® around their pens and prevent snakes from entering.

Make your fishing much more enjoyable by not having to worry about the danger of snakes. Install SNAKE GUARD® around your private lake or favorite fishing spot.

SNAKE GUARD® can be used anywhere snakes are a problem. SNAKE GUARD® is the only known available product that will protect you and your family from snakes. Comes in any length.

Snake hunting has become a popular sport. By using SNAKE GUARD® instead of snares, a hunter can capture many more snakes safer and faster.

A tremendous amount of research is being done with snakes; therefore, SNAKE GUARD® is a valuable tool in helping researchers capture snakes. SNAKE GUARD® is also ideal in conducting snake study surveys.