We provide a wide variety of freshwater fish at Ken’s Hatchery & Fish Farm, and there are plenty of ordering options to fit both your needs and your budget.

Ken’s sells Georgia Giant Bream, channel catfish, largemouth bass, Gambusia Minnows (Mosquitofish), Grass Carp, hybrid crappie, and bullfrog tadpoles. Basically, we give you everything that you need to succeed!

You can’t find the Georgia Giant Bream anywhere else because our president Ken Holyoak is the only one who breeds them! The Georgia Giant grows faster and heavier than normal bream; they’re also stronger, more aggressive, better tasting, and can survive in almost any kind of water. If you can’t tell yet, we’re very proud of our unique breed and all of its benefits and we hope that you get the chance to enjoy them too.


Giant Georgia Bream

Hy-Tech Speck

Hy-Tech Speck


Channel Catfish








Largemouth Bass


Grass Carp


Gambusia Minnow