Giant Georgia Bream

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A Certificate of Registration is issued on request with the purchase of the Georgia Giant Hybrid Bream.

Georgia Giants® can be stocked at the rate of 1,000 per acre if you do not feed nor aerate or, 2,000 to 3,000 per surface acre if fed, or up to 5,000 per acre if fed and aerated.

In combination, Georgia Giant® Hybrid Bream, Channel Catfish, and Bass grow well together. Stock a ratio of 5 Georgia Giants® to 1 Channel Catfish per acre. The reason for the ration is that the Georgia Giants® are more apt to be caught as they are vigorous feeders and aggressive biters. Stock Georgia  Giants® and Channel Catfish first, then several months later, stock Bass. This will allow the bream and catfish to grow large enough the Bass won’t eat them. Stock Bass at the ration of 1 Bass to 5 Bream. It is ESSENTIAL to stock Bass to control reproduction.

Over population of the Bream will occur if Bass are not stocked. Bass feed on a live diet making them a natural predator of Bream. We do not recommend stocking baby fish in a pond already stocked with big fish. Baby fish can be grown in cages or small ponds until they are large enough to be safely stocked with big fish.
Georgia Giant® Hybrids do better when not competing with regular bream. Regular bream reproduce much more than Georgia Giants®. Small stunted fish result when there are thousands of little fish with not enough food, oxygen and space to go around. Ponds stocked with Hybrids need to be stocked at recommended rates as the original F-1’s that are stocked are true hybrids, but their offspring, F-2’s, aren’t quite as good although they grow much faster and bigger than regular bream. F-3’s aren’t as good as F-2’s but are still much larger and faster growing than regular bream. All bream, including Georgia Giants®, Copperhead, Bluegill, or Shellcracker will in-breed with brothers and sisters and de-generate. Over a period of time, with in-breeding, fish become smaller.  The basic law of genetics applies to all fish and animals. This is why livestock breeders work hard to prevent in-breeding.

Georgia Giant® Hybrid Bream will gain approximately 1/2 to 1 lb. per year if our recommended program is followed and have been known to make a 33% gain during fall, winter and early spring when Catfish will not feed. They will eat commercial feed, floating or sinking as well as natural feed.

Georgia Giants® have been grown successfully in small ponds, large lakes, tanks, cages and raceways. They are easily adaptable to almost any climate and are being grown in almost every state in the United States.

Georgia Giants® are excellent as sport fish and as commercial fish. They will hit artificial bait as well as crickets, worms, etc.

We have observed that these Hybrids are healthier and hardier than their parents.

Georgia Giants® are available for shipment year round unless we sell out. During hot summer months, we can still fill small orders to nearby areas, but for large orders and long distance delivery we have to wait until weather cools before transporting.

We have been working with Hybrid Fish since 1968 and marketing them since 1971. We were the first producers of Hybrid Bream, not only in Georgia, but in the southeastern United States.

We are the only producers of Georgia Giants® in the world. Just because a fish is a hybrid, it is not necessarily a better fish. We have developed 10 different hybrid bream. Some are not better than regular bream, but the Georgia Giant® is much superior to regular bream and also the other hybrids that we have developed. It grows approximately three times as fast as any of the others. Beware of any others claiming to have Baby Georgia Giants® for sale, because we are the originators and the only producers of this fish, and have the documents to prove this. Some people have purchased Georgia Giants® from us and sold the offspring as Georgia Giant® Hybrid Bream. Call, write or come visit us; we will help you in any way possible and book your orders.