Gambusia Minnows (Mosquitofish)

Southern Farmer’s Mosquito Fish Fights West Nile Virus

Gambusia Minnow, or Mosquitofish, is the most versatile fish for stocking in any pond or lake in the United States. It is an extremely hardy and adaptable fish, known to survive in a wide variety of temperatures and pHs. The Gambusia Minnow needs shallow water for protection and deep water for overwintering. Females give birth to living young and will produce several broods per summer. The gestation period is 21 to 28 days.

The Gambusia Minnow is the most widely used fish in the world for mosquito control. They have been known to consume 230 larvae or pupa in one hour. They also feed on a wide variety of prey ranging from aquatic insects and crustacea to zooplankton and algae. Gambusia Minnows are often stocked by prawn farmers to control predacious dragonfly nymphs in their ponds.

Mosquitoes are always a problem around lakes and ponds. They are carriers of malaria and yellow fever which attacks humans and swamp fever which attacks animals. However, mosquito larvae is the favorite food for Mosquitofish.

Gambusia Minnows are an important link in the food chain. They eat the mosquito larvae, algae, planktonic animals, and aquatic insects.  The minnows then become valuable free fish food for the larger fish.

Gambusia Minnows are also excellent food for cultured bullfrogs as they are topwater minnows and very prolific.

They make excellent bait fish for large bream, crappie, catfish and even bass. It is very convenient to have your own bait at your disposal. The minnows are easy to catch with a dip net, minnow trap, or small seine.

Stocking rates vary according to the purpose for which the minnows are stocked. For mosquito control only,  stock 300/500 fish per acre. If pond has fish or predators, this will not be sufficient. If stocking as a food source, bait and mosquito control, up to 25,000 fish per acre may be stocked.

Minimum order 1000
1000 …………….. 10¢ each
1001 – 2999 ….. 08¢ each
3000 – 4999…… 06¢ each
5000 and up…. 05¢ each