Grass Carp

The may be the affordable answer to many serious weed problems without the use of expensive chemicals.

Grass carp have been used  over 700 years for food and to control aquatic weeds in China. Its popularity has spread over many parts of the world.

Stocking rates for carp are 5-30 per acre. Stocking rates should be determined by the amount and type of vegetation in your lake.

We WILL NOT sell the Grass Carp to residents of states which ban the fish or to anyone who hasn’t acquired the necessary permit in their state. (Check with the Department of Natural Resources Game and Fish in your state.)

Effective April 1, 1989, Georgia residents are no longer required to obtain a permit from the Department of Natural Resources to purchase Grass Carp when stocked in a private pond. Owners of ponds on lands of more than one title or ponds from which fish can go to the lands of another must still obtain a permit from the Game and Fish Division.