Largemouth Bass

FLORIDA STRAIN, PLUS GA X FL CROSSlargemouth_bass_repro
STOCKING RATES: 150-200 per 1,000 Bream.

The Largemouth Bass is the most popular gamefish in the United States. The  Florida Largemouth Bass holds the state record in 5 states  and  the world record  which  was caught  in  Georgia.  These Bass live an average of 7 years longer than the Northern Largemouth Bass which enables them to grow larger. We crossed the Florida Largemouth Bass with the Georgia Largemouth Bass which produced a faster growing, more superior Bass than the native strain.

Stocking rate is determined by the availability of food. The diet of a Largemouth Bass consists mainly of live fish, frogs and insects.

When stocking Bass in a pond already stocked with other fish, these fish already in the pond should be large enough that the Bass won’t eat them. Large Bass could also eat some of the new baby Bass, therefore, provide some cover such as brush or reefs so the baby fish can hide.

Bass are helpful in controlling wild fish that may infest a pond. Bass eat up small fish, thereby helping keep a pond from becoming overpopulated.

Book orders well in advance as Bass are available in early spring only.