Products and Services

ServicesOur business provides you with just about everything you could want for your fish or frog pond; it’s really the complete package. For starters, we offer a free water test and consultation as a token of our good will. It’s best to get off on the right foot, so making sure that you have good water is a must! In addition to the water test, we offer algae tests, disease and lab work, aquatic pest control, onsite inspections, pond evaluations, feeders, cages, education, and training.

Even if you already have a successful pond or hatchery, we’d be happy to come and figure out how to make it even better. Nature often has a way of changing at the most inopportune moments, but our pros here at Ken’s will help you get right back on track.

Our other products can be divided into two different categories: hatchery fish and equipment.

Ken’s offers a broad selection of freshwater species including the Georgia Giant Bream, bass, trout, crappie,and more.

Our equipment includes everything from feeders, aerators, cages, timers, skinners, and traps to various kinds of condominiums, mesh, fish farms, and chemicals. But the list doesn’t end there! We also sell instructional books and videos so you can learn much more about what goes into building a successful pond or hatchery.