Controlling Mosquitoes Using Fish

How To Get Started With Controlling Mosquitoes Using Fish

Posted on 2017-03-29

Mosquitoes are known for causing malaria, dengue and other diseases. There are a variety of insecticides that have been developed to control the mosquitoes and medicine to counter those mosquito borne diseases as well. The use of insecticides has caused an increase in environmental pollution, thus, the need for better and more sustainable options. There are ways to control mosquitoes which are mainly through environmental management. After an intense research with the WHO, they figured out how you can useRead More

water purification in ponds

The Basics Of Water Purification In Ponds

Posted on 2016-07-21

Access to clean water is crucial to every household. Contaminated water is known to cause diseases such as cholera. Water purification is essential to ensure consumption of clean water. Where the water comes from is important to determine whether if it is clean or it has been contaminated.   If you live near or have a pond and want to consume the water, you should consider purifying it first. There are several ways of water purification in ponds. The processRead More