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Basic Deer Hunting Tips for a Successful Hunt

For the experienced hunter the following deer hunting tips may seem obvious but the basics need to be reviewed often and for beginners they need to be learned well.  A successful deer hunt involves more than traipsing through the woods and shooting a trophy deer. There is a lot of preparation required, safety precautions to be followed and discipline needed, but by following these basic deer hunting tips you will greatly increase your chance of having an enjoyable and successful hunt.

Basic Safety Tips:

  • Avoid all alcoholic beverages before and during hunting.
  • Treat your gun as if it is loaded and ready to shoot; never rely on a gun’s safety.
  • Don’t climb a tree or stand, jump a ditch, or cross a fence with a loaded gun.
  • Never pull the trigger unless you are absolutely sure your target is a deer.

Tips to Get A Deer:

Start Early

While some hunters prefer to hunt an entire day, sunrise and sunset are the preferred times for finding game. Deer tend to come out of the brush to feed only in the early morning and late pre-dusk hours. Head out to your deer stand or blind well before daylight in the mornings and well before dark on evening hunts. This gives the hunter plenty of time to get set-up and be prepared before the deer start to be active. Nothing is more disheartening than arriving to your hunting area, chasing away a magnificent buck while getting to your stand or blind because you arrived too late, and not seeing another deer the rest of the hunt!

No Scents

Always be aware and take precautions to eliminate any unnatural odors. What may smell good to your spouse or friends usually smells like dander to a deer. No deodorant, cologne, perfume, after shave, or scented/deodorant soaps. Wash the clothing you will be wearing with an unscented detergent or plain water before a hunt. Deer have an amazingly sensitive sense of smell and even the slightest hint of a scent can send them scrambling away.

Be Still

When you are in a stand or blind move as little as possible and very slowly when you do. I believe the hardest thing for me to learn was the technique of slowly looking from side to side for hours at a time while sitting in a freezing cold deer stand. Deer are extremely wary of any sudden motion.

Be Silent

Silence is essential to a successful deer hunt. I have often been amazed (and later disappointed) with the sensitivity of a deer’s hearing. Deer are especially alert to human voice or any sort of unnatural sound. If you are hunting with a partner and must speak only do so in a very low whisper and use slow hand signals whenever possible. Always be careful not to knock your gun against the stand or a pair of binoculars.

These are just the very basic deer hunting tips and there are a lot of other things to know before you can call yourself an expert, but following these few deer hunting tips will greatly increase your chances of bring home that trophy buck you have been dreaming of.


Vortex Nomad 20-60×60 Spotting Scope – Perfect Scope for Deer Hunting or Target Practice

Vortex being established during 1986 is a global brand spread across different continents. Their products go through stringent quality control with the modern facility located in central Wisconsin. The product range of this brand includes rifle scopes, red dot scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes and monocular. The ranges in the spotting scope are many which are been classified based on the spec and the application. The following is the review of Vortex Nomad 20-60×60 Spotting Scope which gives you a clearer idea of the product.

Product Overview:

This model is known for its light weight construction which comes with a compact finish. Stands apart from the crowd with its rugged and waterproof construction. The eyepiece of the same is angled which makes it suitable for the experienced hands. Overall it is an all rounder which allows you to use for different applications without any fuss.


The various features of Vortex Nomad 20-60×60 Waterproof, Fog proof Spotting Scope is the highlight that dictates the choice of the user. Putting it to use when it has enhanced features makes it an efficient model. The brief description of the same is been discussed as follows.

  • Fully multi-coated lenses are surely an advantage it increases the light transmission and the coating on the air to glass surface gives an anti-reflective observation.
  • Angled body design is best used on lower mounting height which gives better stability in a windy weather. It is of great comfort when used for extended hours. It is also perfect to be used on a tripod.
  • Waterproof construction with the O-rings seal prevents the moisture, dust and the water to get inside the device and hence it makes observation easy in any weather conditions.
  • Fog proofed device with the nitrogen gas purging makes it an efficient device which gives an uninterrupted observation.
  • Multi-position eye cup allows you to twist it up and down to make it suitable for the viewing eyes. It is also great for those with the eye glasses on.
  • Sunshade present in the eyepiece helps to reduce the glaring and it also acts as a shield to the lens from the rain drops and the snow.
  • Rotating tripod ring allows you to rotate the eyepiece sideways to any extend and hence the turning of tripod is not required. This is also makes it easy to mount on the car window

The Basics:

Like most of the Vortex models this product also attires in green colour. It measures 13.2 inches in length and the weight is as little as 36.1 ounces. The rubber armouring protects the internal mechanism to a greater extend. Being designed with the porro prism it gives it a compact appearance which makes the carry easy. The eyecup is angled which is better performing than the straight models.

Technical Know-how:

Magnification – This model gives a zoom magnification power which can be set from 20x to 60x. This means the objects are magnified this many times than the original size. Based on the power of magnification the application is been determined.

Aperture – The measurement of the objective lens diameter is the aperture of this model which is 60mm, the larger the aperture the brighter will be the objects. It gathers better light making it a better viewing experience even in the twilight.

Field of view – The linear field of view at the distance of 1000 yards is 114 feet at the minimum magnification and 51 feet at the magnification. The angular field of view starts from 2.2 degree to 1 degree.

Close focus – As close as 20 feet is the observation ability of this scope and this makes it useful for observing the moving objects.

Exit pupil – This is the small round located in the centre of the objective lens which measures 3mm to 1mm based on the magnification set. It supports the objectives lens in the task of light gathering.

Eye relief – As a fact this dictates the device as to the suitability for the eye glass wearers. The eye relief of this model is 14mm to 17mm and it is sure to comfort the user even when on extended working hours which this scope.

Package Contents and Warranty:

Supplied along with the VIP Unconditional lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer are the Eyepiece cap, objective lens cover, view through carry case and that makes Vortex Nomad 20-60×60 Porro Prism Spotting Scope a unique one.

Editor’s Note: This scope is currently unavailable on Amazon, for more best spotting scope up to date, you can visit here Best Spotting Scope – 18 BEST RATED Spotting Scopes for All Your Need