Fly Fishing Instruction Can Take Your Fly Fishing to the Next Level

Have you ever considered fly fishing instruction? Or ever watched someone fly fishing?

Where did these people get their fly fishing instruction? Some learned the skills and techniques from a father or grandfather, while others may have gotten instruction from a childhood friend. If you weren’t fortunate enough to have a working knowledge of fly fishing passed onto you, then you will need some fly fishing instruction.

There are many things you should consider when choosing fly fishing instruction. One thing to consider is how much time you can invest. If you can only escape from work for a day or two, choose a course near where you live, so travel time isn’t a factor. Fly fishing instruction can be as short as a half-day clinic or as long as a week course. Cost should be considered as well. Obviously, the longer the course, the more it will cost.

Consider what type of fly fishing instruction you are looking for. Will you be fishing in fresh water or salt water? Do you want to catch warm water fish or cold water fish? Make sure the fly fishing instruction you choose will offer specific information on the type of fly fishing you plan to do.

Find out how much of the fly fishing instruction is actually on the water. Since fly fishing requires a lot of practice, you don’t want to spend most of the time sitting in a classroom. Also, find out what exactly the fly fishing instruction covers. A good class should cover casting, entomology, knot basics, and how to read the water.

Determine what equipment you need to bring to the fly fishing instruction. If it requires equipment you don’t own, see if you could rent that equipment or borrow it from a friend. To make the best of your instruction time, make sure all paperwork and licensing requirements are completed before your fly fishing instruction begins.

Fly fishing instruction is an excellent way to learn new skills, whether you are a beginner in the sport or a seasoned angler. Choose the right instruction for you and you’ll be reeling in the ones legends are made of in no time!


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