A Great Catch Starts With the Right Fly Fishing Equipment

Great fly fishing equipment is the only thing that is standing between you and a perfect day out on the river. When out on the open stream, you don’t want shoddy equipment keeping you from enjoying your day. Fly fishing is all about forgetting everything else that is going on, and likewise fly fishing equipment is engineered to keep you in touch with the stream and not much else. Each piece of fly fishing equipment should really be aimed at you catching fish and enjoying yourself while you are doing it.

There is some basic fly fishing equipment that beginners need to get started. It may vary slightly depending on where you live, but for the most part, armed with these pieces of fly fishing equipment, you should be ready to go out on the water.

Rod & Reel

One of the most necessary pieces of fly fishing equipment is your rod. Beginners need a five weight rod that is about 8 to 9 feet long. Next you need a reel. You should look for one that will hold about 100 yards of backing and floating fly line. A single-action reel is the best fly fishing equipment for beginners.

Fishing Line

When it comes to line, you should not skimp on this piece of fly fishing equipment. Get the most expensive line you can afford. This is the most important part of your fly fishing equipment. As the saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” so pay for the best. Look for five weight floating line to match your other fly fishing equipment, like your rod.


Of course, you will need to add flies to your list of fly fishing equipment. The type of flies you choose will depend on what type of fish you are trying to catch and what type of water you are fishing in. You will probably want to include both wet and dry flies on your equipment list.

Pair of Waders

Before you get in the water, you will need a pair of waders. Different people prefer different types of this equipment. The newer waders are more lightweight and are made from materials such as gortex and neoprene. This choice of fly fishing equipment really depends on personal preference. Try on many different pairs and see which ones are the most comfortable and the easiest for you to move in.

Your list of fly fishing equipment wouldn’t be complete with out a few obvious items. Make sure to pack sunscreen and a small first aid kit. A sunburn or cut may end an otherwise pleasant fishing trip. Wear a hat, not only to keep the sun out of your face, but also to keep your line and hook from hitting your face. Now you should be armed with the necessary fly fishing equipment and be ready to head out in the water and catch some fish!

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